Garbage Service

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Garbage Service

The City of Eagle Lake contracts Solid Waste (garbage) service to GFL Environmental.

Each household should have 2 blue poly carts for household trash, limbs, grass, debris. Place the carts facing the street leaving some space between them so the truck can use its automatic arm to clamp around the cart and dump it into the truck.

If you have bulky items such as a dresser, chair, etc. that will not fit in a cart, you can put these items out by your blue carts so GFL can pick those items up with a grapple truck. This truck has an arm that an operator can use to grab and pick up bulky items. Please pile your limbs beside the street, not under a tree or power line, so the grapple truck can pick them up safely. Brush/limbs/clean fence boards must be bundled in 4 feet lengths.

No Collection on the following Holidays. Collection will resume on the next day:

New Years Day - Memorial Day - July 4th - Labor Day - Thanksgiving Day - Christmas Day